Snack reviews: the weirdest
Snack reviews: the weirdest

Snack reviews:
The weirdest


So I went to Breda, The Netherlands. Decided to go by the overnight bus that crosses The Channel, I sleep anywhere, no problem there. The closest it got me to my desired destination was Antwerp, Belgium. Great! I’d never been there. Here we go Zé, full-on tourist mode: ON. What does this mean?

Let’s try local food, the weirder the better.

Frituur N1 stall. processed meats
Frituur N1 stall, Antwerp, Belgium


Does that cube look appetizing to you? I’ve found it at Frituur N1, the famous Antwerpian french fries counter. Surely I ordered some fries with mayo, but I wanted something more. The numerous displayed processed meat products looked promising, but the one item that I found to be article-worthy was this orange coloured cube, all seasoned on the outside and ready to be deep fried and served in a napkin.

This small brick-looking intrigue reeked of turmeric and oil, still it fit with the rest of the menu and ambience.  And what do you know…

It turned out to be a noodle cube!

A deep-fried compact egg noodle cube put together with some meat stock and sporadic greens. The turmeric and fried flavours were so powerful that I can’t tell you much more taste-wise. I really tried! And go ahead on imagining funny-looking me dissecting this cube, thinking I’d sherlock my way out of it. I did get to just another rather obvious ingredient – coriander.

I had no idea this was served around! Apparently, it’s quite a usual product. This one is off my list!