chimpan inspiration

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A small collection of what I’ve been looking at for inspiration. This can be in several fields, from visual goodness, to ideas and concepts.


David Bull’s YouTube channel

Bouncing some ideas off your friends is always a great plan! Me and Bernardo chat a lot about each other’s projects. He kept telling me about David Bull’s videos for one reason or another. I finally checked some out and BAAM!

Just watching his Business Update – April 2007 validated the whole idea behind this zine and kept me on my toes to start some more projects and who knows, some “print parties” too.

Plus, he does Japanese wood block printing! How great is that? His channel is filled with beautiful Japanese imagery.

bottoms up typographic pink yellow and red poster, by rude

Up the Shard, by Rude

Rude’s loose and playful style is so fun! This charismatic duo always some more colours up their sleeves, along with a very clear message, cheeky or not.

Gelatology, by INUIT, in CHIMPAN, by Zé Monteiro

Gelatology, by INUIT

I couldn’t resist this book and the several techniques it showcases. Screen printing, photography, risography, just to name a few. Found it at ELCAF (East London Comic Arts Festival), sold to me by Marco – the most passionate person about Riso I’ve ever met.

chimpan inspiration

Jommeke, by Jef Nys

I’m a huge fan of some Belgium’s comic books. Hergé’s The Adventures of Tintin, Morris’ Lucky Luke and my personal favourite: Astérix, by Morris and René Goscinny, amongst others. Strolling around Antwerp made me feel closer to these characters and artists. It certainly had me reaching for my comics as soon as I got back.

Live, by Rose Stallard, in CHIMPAN, by Zé Monteiro

LIVE, by Rose Stallard

Big fat marker! And some brightcoloured pastel fun. Posted right outside the Print Club London studio.

Does it look even better because it’s posted there?

Printed Spaces: Tate Modern by Underway Studio, in CHIMPAN, by Zé Monteiro

Printed Spaces: Tate Modern, by Underway Studio

“Why are we in London?” and “What do we like here?” are some questions the studio has some screen printed answers for.

I went down to meet them, and, among other themes, we also talked about their Printed Spaces series. It’s all about places/buildings you can relate and feel a connection to.

Connections: what a great idea for a project!