i'll make you go Hmmm, in CHIMPA zine, by Zé Monteiro

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Up the Shard screen print, in CHIMPAN, by Zé Monteiro

Up the Shard screen print

A commissioned screen print I made for RUDE studio, hand-printing their fantastic 6-colour A1 illustration starring the Shard, here in London. Edition of 100.

This print was as intense as Abi and Rupert’s hospitality was great. Printing in their studio was a hoot and I can’t wait to push and pull their next idea.

In this gif you can see how the layers were separated and printed. Part of my fun is he surprise effect after adding yet another colour.

i'll make you go Hmmm, in CHIMPA zine, by Zé Monteiro


I’ll make you go hmmm! screen print

I felt like using a big fat marker on this one. I’ve been waiting to illustrate and print something with type for a while now. Plus, I quite like ambiguity of the sentence.

Now, I want to make a video out of the screen printing process and this is a nice and simple example to follow. We’ve done the whole shooting, now comes the long editing. Which me luck!

Working at Print Club London


Role: studio technician.

Actual job description: (read quickly for an accurate idea) “‘Morning everyone!” Battling Sonos (the app and speaker) for a tune; Today’s tasks; Tidy everything; Go upstairs checking today’s tasks again; Check and advise on member’s prints; Trying not to chat too much;

Luuuuuunch…. “5mins and we’ll have a look at it“… end of lunch break; Print some more boxes!; Some more advising; Everything for tomorrow: check; Done! Linger around the studio a bit, do own stuff. “Bye everyone!” Ooops, forgot the deckchairs outside; Inside now; “See ya!“ Plus, helping out at a workshop here and there.

Exaggerating a tad. It’s been great to step a little further into the London’s print community, and Print Club and some great members have been the absolute best!


Setting my online shop has been a battle against WordPress and WooCommerce. Freelancing involves taking on some challenges – who doesn’t like one every now and then to spice things up?

I’m now on the last touch-ups, it’ll be ready and linked to my website very soon!


UAL interview and article

London College of Communication interviewed me for my screen prints! Up on their website at https://www.arts.ac.uk/study-at-ual/short-courses/stories/ze-monteiro

Creative Review money issue, in CHIMPAN, by Zé Monteiro

Extra bit, I’ve been doing a little bit of reading – and this issue has loads of what I like to know about: examples!