ze monteiro screen printer underpinned press play
ze printing in blue and orange halftones, in CHIMPAN zine

A Day in the Life of a Screen Printer


Printmaker or screen printer?

“Zé Monteiro is a screen printer and graphic designer who has his own magazine called CHIMPAN. He tells us all about his interests and passions and how he copes with freelance life.”

UnderPinned has featured me in one of their Day in the Life videos here. These videos showcase several freelancers and their work. A great way to get an insight of what it is to be a freelancer in other fields.


On this video, you can see me printing the second issue of the zine. Not so sure what screen printing is? I got you covered here. With an article I wrote for UnderPinned.

Why do I even publish it in the first place? Now that’s a whole other subject you can see here.


Funny Story

I got to know them when, one day after working as a freelance with One Giant, I saw that there were new people in the big, cool, office downstairs. So, obviously, I knocked to say hi, welcome them (even though the office space wasn’t mine) and a ask if they needed a hand with their graphic design stuff.

We got to chat, and apparently the Head of Design is a printmaker/screen printer and artist as well, Julia. Perhaps they’d need my help in a couple of months, when launching their print magazine. Since they have an online one full of useful articles for freelancers, they wanted to see about printing an issue.

I ended up tagging along on their business trip to Park Communications, where so many indie mags are printed. It was a dream!



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If you’re a freelancer in the UK, this is definitely a must-check-out-soon.
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