zine cover, composed of dark & light blue and neon yellow dots, figuring grapes, reading CHIMPAN as title

CHIMPAN zine #3: Idea Generation Processes


A limited-edition fully screen printed magazine about my creative experience: inspiration, heroes, projects and snacks.

This issue is about Idea Generation Processes. Ilga Leimanis, Matthew Rich and Charlie & Clive (This Ain’t Rock’n’Roll studio) are telling us their experiences. They talk us through their ideation processes, and how the get and go from there.

Limited edition of 100 copies. All numbered and signed.

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I love to print, make and design stuff – you know that, right? The CHIMPAN zine is a labour of love, all about keeping in touch with you, in print format – which is way more fun!

There are interviews with amazing creative minds and sections like WHAT I’VE BEEN “looking at” and “up to” are to let you know the current state of projects and inspirations. Some projects might be finished, others just out of the sketchbook. Keeping you in the loop is what this is all about. As always, look at the last few pages for my flavours of the month – everyone munches.