A Day in the Life of a Screen Printer, with Underpinned

ze monteiro screen printer underpinned press play

A Day in the Life of a Screen Printer   Printmaker or screen printer? “Zé Monteiro is a screen printer and graphic designer who has his own magazine called CHIMPAN. He tells us all about his interests and passions and how he copes with freelance life.” UnderPinned has featured me in one of their Day in the Life … Read moreA Day in the Life of a Screen Printer, with Underpinned

Inspiration: We Love Cinema

We love cinema, cinema facade, blue and orange halftones

Inspiration: Films We Love Cinema I get inspiration from different places and situations, as you can already know on other articles like this. It can be all around. What we see, hear, watch, etc. All corniness aside, it’s what we perceive, sometimes even when oblivious to it. Naturally, in films too. I mean, how many … Read moreInspiration: We Love Cinema

Why did I start publishing CHIMPAN zine?

ze monteiro profile picture, creator of CHIMPAN zine

Why did I start publishing CHiMPAN zine? It’s a question I end up answering a lot. Why not could be an answer, sure, but that’s too short of a story, isn’t it? Plus, publishing a zine implies a good deal of passion, and I want to express it all out. If you only have time … Read moreWhy did I start publishing CHIMPAN zine?

CHIMPAN #02: Scaling Up!

CHIMPAN zine #2 scaling up theme

CHIMPAN zine #02 Scaling up! Everyone dreams of this scaling up part of any hopefully successful project. A milestone that validates your journey. Isn’t it why we enjoy the training bit of any skill related film?  A repetition of “Wax on, wax off” to then… puff! All Scaled up and evolved! CHIMPAN is taking the … Read moreCHIMPAN #02: Scaling Up!

Snack Reviews #02: The Weirdest

japanese snacks on CHIMPAN zine halftones of orange and blue

Snack reviews #02: The Weirdest Kameda Seika: seaweed-wrapped crackers. CHIMPAN zine’s #02 weirdest snack. Strange snack? We can see golden crackers wrapped in what my little knowledge of seaweed will guess is the famous nori. Looks fairly simple, right? Then again, so did the it’s counterpart on the first issue, see here. At first glance, … Read moreSnack Reviews #02: The Weirdest

Show Me Your Moves: Donk

donk interview in CHIMPAN, by Zé Monteiro

Show me your moves: Donk The phrase scaling up carries several meanings. RUDE and H E X Prints had their say. Now Donk is helping us explore a more literal sense of it. He explores his big format screen printing and later pastes up the artwork on the street. It is not unusual to walk … Read moreShow Me Your Moves: Donk