CHIMPAN #02: Scaling Up!

CHIMPAN zine #2 scaling up theme

CHIMPAN zine #02 Scaling up! Everyone dreams of this scaling up part of any hopefully successful project. A milestone that validates your journey. Isn’t it why we enjoy the training bit of any skill related film?  A repetition of “Wax on, wax off” to then… puff! All Scaled up and evolved! CHIMPAN is taking the … Read moreCHIMPAN #02: Scaling Up!

Snack Reviews #02: The Weirdest

japanese snacks on CHIMPAN zine halftones of orange and blue

Snack reviews #02: The Weirdest Kameda Seika: seaweed-wrapped crackers. CHIMPAN zine’s #02 weirdest snack. Strange snack? We can see golden crackers wrapped in what my little knowledge of seaweed will guess is the famous nori. Looks fairly simple, right? Then again, so did the it’s counterpart on the first issue, see here. At first glance, … Read moreSnack Reviews #02: The Weirdest