Zé holding a screen printing screen

Hi there!


My name is Zé and I produce, design and print CHIMPAN zine. It’s my passion project and I’m happy you’re enjoying it so far.

CHIMPAN zine is always looking for new content, maybe it could be yours!

Artists, screen printers and feeling-fancy millionaires can contact me via:


+44 (0)7858 6362 04



CHIMPAN is pleased to receive information on artists, printmakers, new workpieces and interesting projects

CHIMPAN zine is always on the look out for new artists to join our roster of artists on our featured content! If you have creative work which you think would suit the zine and would like to be featured with us please email chimpanzine@zemonteiro.com with lo-res images of your work and a few lines about yourself.

CHIMPAN is however, in no obligation to review or return unsolicited products or material. If you like to submit an idea for an article, please send me an outline and some information about yourself. I look forward to seeing it 🙂