holding a screen print, in CHIMPAN zine
holding a screen print, in CHIMPAN zine

print Swaps Project


Natasha Searston is helping me present you a recent print community project of mine: Print Swaps.

By now you already know of my love for prints and their little quirks. Screen prints can be identified by a number of its unique features. One of them is the simple fact that none of them are exactly the same. To print an edition of 50 prints, you might lose a few 10 prints that have a couple of imperfections. Either too much ink here, perhaps not enough there, an intentional fooling around with a different colour, etc. It happens to every printmaker, it has certainly happened to me, whether I wanted it or not.

What happens to those prints?

Some go to waste, or get cut up to make postcards, for instance. Others actually make it to the A.P. (Artist’s Proof) status. This means they’re still acceptable as art, yet not the same as the selected edition. Some consider them more valuable, where others discard them. I see a lot by observing these prints, especially about the printmaker and his/her process. 

It’s like a game, where you can hope to guess what happened on that exact print.

Perhaps the printmaker just felt like rotating the artwork upside down and see what would result of it, or even purposely misregister it a tad just for fun. More interestingly, some of them come with a story, and I want to heard it.

holding a screen print, in CHIMPAN zine
Bear Hug, Natasha Searston

A self-explanatory name

I’ve started collecting these prints, swapping my own A.P’s for other artists’. I’ve gotten to see amazing prints and what better way to connect with other screen printers? Not only is Natasha presenting this project, she has also taken one of my Heart prints, in exchange for this beautiful one here. How great is it?

holding a swapped screen print, in CHIMPAN zine
B.brave, Donk

What do you want to do with you’re A.P’s?

I’d love to swap a screen print with you and know about your print’s story. Send me a line at hello@zemonteiro.com if you want to swap one!

holding a swapped screen print, in CHIMPAN zine
Untitled, Hedof