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The Lemon Drizzle Nakd bar review

I know, a foodie publishing snack reviews choosing something bought in a supermarket? 

I am doing a detox for two months: no wheat, no dairy, no added sugar, no alcohol, no pork nor poultry, and no lots of other specific little things. So, snack time is where this detox hits the hardest. How many labels have you read to check for sugar-free food? It’s been almost a hobby of late, one that requires a lot of time spent in supermarket aisles, I can tell you that much! Jamie Oliver isn’t talking nonsense on his sugar war.


Try this cold-pressed nakd bar! For something with no added sugar, they sure are sweet and fruity! Look at this zine’s cover, you know I value my daily fruit. This little Lemon Drizzle bar is definitely this issue’s champion. I would love the lemony flavour to be slightly stronger, but its sweet citric taste is great! The coconut and cashew really help. Brownie points for being a no-guilt treat.

Plus, how good is this motto of theirs? “We want everyone to find their snack soulmate. So, everything we make is gluten free, dairy free and vegan friendly. Nature loves you baby!” 


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